The Story of Democraczy: Chapter Six

by Martin Gantman

Early Middle Ages             400 AD

Pericles:                           450 BC

Ephialtes:                          465 BC

Cleisthenes:                       500 BC

Solon:                               600 BC

Hammurabi:                    1,800 BC

Ur Nammu:                     2,000 BC

Gilgamesh:                      2,500 BC

Sumeria:                         5,300 BC

Lascaux:                       30,000 BC

Religious activity:          100,000 BC

Homo sapiens:              130,000 BC

Homo erectus:            1,500,000 BC

Homo habilis:              2,500,000 BC

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Amid virtual slavery, territorial carnage, and devastating illness the Roman Empire disintegrated. Subject to new regimes and amid the continuing regional armed conflicts, substantive migration shifts, and plague; education became cloistered and the daily lives of plebeian peoples became focused on unmitigated survival. The issues of individual, equal and human rights were shrouded by a canopy of immense darkness for over 1,000 years.