The Story of Democraczy: Chapter Eight

by Martin Gantman

Late Middle Ages            1,300 AD

High Middle Ages            1,000 AD

Early Middle Ages              400 AD

Pericles:                            450 BC

Ephialtes:                          465 BC

Cleisthenes:                       500 BC

Solon:                               600 BC

Hammurabi:                    1,800 BC

Ur Nammu:                     2,000 BC

Gilgamesh:                      2,500 BC

Sumeria:                          5,300 BC

Lascaux:                        30,000 BC

Religious activity:          100,000 BC

Homo sapiens:               130,000 BC

Homo erectus:            1,500,000 BC

Homo habilis:              2,500,000 BC

It is as if, as I slowly extend my bare arm into the bright moonlit glow, as if the black night that encircles me is infusing its hue into the tips of my fingers. It is the year 1349 and I, a freeman land worker living on the fertile fields of Kent, outside of London, have felt the first shiver of the recognition of my being. The great paper was signed by the King in 1215 and, though my ancestors had not been affected directly, I have just begun to sense what an existence, other than this familiar depression of servitude, might be like. No matter. Soon the blackness that has invaded the ends of my hands will move upward along my arm and any stirrings that I and my fellows might have developed, any sense of personhood or purpose or voice, or that might be considered humanness at all, will soon succumb to the dark death that has ravaged most of the world in which we now live.

The Black Night 2012