Shape-shifting Nation

by Martin Gantman

. . . . . and so  the little country, seemingly ever smaller as time passed, and once immensely prideful of its emphasis on personal and political freedoms, continued its descent into the bottomless cesspool of abject militarism. Under the auspices of a minority president, whom a miniscule few ever suspected would employ such tactics, gestapo-like squads of quasi-military forces that once were confined to security service in airports, began to roam freely in train and bus stations, metro rails, and sporting events, among other locales. The citizens in these locations could be stopped abruptly and required to have their belongings searched on the whim of these armed units. This physical presence was appended to the surreptitious tapping of nearly all of its citizen’s electronic communications. All of this insidious activity was approved and promoted by unnamed judges in secret security rulings that established that the government of the little nation just didn’t have to explain anything to its citizens that it didn’t feel like explaining . . . . .